About us

Oliver Müller established the MÜLLER SPORTS AGENCY in the summer of 2017.

He was never a professional football player. Hence, Oliver Müller’s admiration for those who are competing in this most beautiful of all sports disciplines on a high level and earn a living as athletes is even greater.

Having studied history and German philology (Bachelor of Arts, Universities of Basel and Geneva) and gained professional experience in the security industry, gastronomy and politics, he made a long-held dream come true when he founded the MÜLLER SPORTS AGENCY.

Oliver Müller aims to support football players in all matters related to their career plans and provide comprehensive consulting services to them through his enterprise. The objective is to make optimum use of the few years his clients actually have to enjoy as professional athletes. To achieve this, their respective opportunities and options have to be analyzed and realistically assessed. Based on this foundation, the individual career steps can be diligently planned and implemented.

One of Oliver Müller’s key concerns is to ensure that his clients consider their future options after they resign from their professional sports careers well ahead of time. The goal is to make the correct choices and decisions early; for instance with regard to advanced education or retirement planning.

The MÜLLER SPORTS AGENCY’s mission is to be a forthright and dependable partner for its clients, their families as well as football clubs. We are committed to fair play.

Of course, we will also take the best possible care of adolescent players and their parents, who are eager to plan the first steps in preparation of a professional career and need advice.

Obviously, the MÜLLER SPORTS AGENCY is in possession of all permits and licenses required for athlete placement in both, Switzerland and abroad (issued by the Canton Office for Commerce and Labor and the State Department for Commerce, SECO).